The Team

That’s probably what makes the Iron Family so funny:


Vittorio Master5: Also knowns as ‘the Bomber’, one of the veterans of the  Iron Vaper team, nice, funny, but always ready to  restore order when the hotheads of the team seem to take over.

The Must-have: Ivory

Mattia NoiNo: Rare example of Iron-boy, over time he has developed the ability to drip his beloved x1 in the atomizer, playing COD and answering Lamù’s texts all at the same time.. just to avoid her wrath!

The Must-have: Invictus


Lamù:Official interpreter of the sramblings of the whole team. In her free time she likes creating make up looks that match her vapes, but everybody knows that her ultimate goal is to steal the boss’ top hat! 

The Must-have: Dominus Split

Mr Kennedy

Marco (Mr Kennedy): What was it? Oh, yes… ‘’nomen omen’’… the bomber’s right-hand man, behind his badass look he hides a kind heart , as sweet as an Invictus.

The must have: Insane


Lidya (La Strega dello Svapo): Witches have never been so sweet! Lovely and caring, she looks after all the team with her spells and charms everyone with her flowing hair. Be careful not to piss her off, the consequences may be lnefarious!

The must-have: Nashi


Serena: The team’s big sister, always ready to support her family, you can ask her anything, anything but giving up her MOON!

The Must-have: Moon, obv

Lura Vape

Laura Vape:She’s just the cookiest! You can see her coming a mile away thanks to her color-changing Fush , rigorously to the sound of disco music!

The Must-have: Trip in Wonderland Ice


Barabba: The ultimate selfie expert. he likes playing hide-and-seek behind his clouds. Legend has it that  he has traveled Sicily coast to coast in his push scooter.

The Must-have: Insane


Emanuel (Hagrid): Official photographer of the team (but he may not know it yet…)His signature? His mile-long beard, of course!, Rumor has it that last time he shaved, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t even born.

The Must-have: Star


Marcello: Our Knight, he’s the new entry of the Iron Vaper but he ‘s already conquered a place in the heart of the whole family, he is said to have purchased the Fush by mistake, he believed it was a lightsaber directly from the Star Wars set.

The Must-have: X1



Luca (The Prince): Class is something you’re born with, they say. Composed and kind during the day, fierce and ruthless at night, when he  frees his despotic rage playing Call Of Duty


The Must-have: Dominus Original


Miles & Cata (V4P): The Little Rascals of the team, life with them never gets boring! Their favourite word? Pistachiooo.

The Must-have(s): Miles and Cata, obv!